Award-Winning Filmmaker

Tomide is a creative director, writer, editor and producer. She grew up in Nigeria and moved to Alberta, Canada at the age of sixteen to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Drama. Tomide also has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Filmmaking from New York Film Academy, Los Angeles. Tomide shot her first film at the age of eighteen. It was a short student film called “Lost Within”.

Tomide’s aim is to spread awareness about social issues, mental illness and neuro-diversity through films. Her films have been accepted at multiple film festivals and she has won a couple of awards at film festivals both in the United States and Canada.

Before diving into filmmaking full-time, Tomide was a counsellor at a mental health organization in Canada. This opportunity, which she is forever grateful for, made her see the world through a different lens. She had clients from different social and economic parts of the world, and through this experience, she gained the wisdom to deal with serious issues in her films in the right and respectful way.

Tomide wrote and directed the short film “Out Of Love”, which was shown at multiple film festivals and won awards like Best Drama at the Emerging New Artist Film Festival and Tomide won the award of Best African Filmmaker at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival. Her third film “The Spectrum of You” is a short film about the relationship between an Autistic man and his support worker. This is a socio-economic film that shines a light on neuro-diversity and social work. Tomide’s fourth film “Dissecting With Darcy” is a thriller short film that was shot in Los Angeles.